How To Use Your MacBook As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

Let’s imagine when you are traveling and stay in a hotel room with a friend or a family member. There is only one wired network port and no wireless network available at all.

You need to check your email in your MacBook laptop, write a few emails for clients and do some other things. However, your friend also needs to use the Internet, but there is only one wired network port in the hotel room, which was occupied by you.

What should you do? Keep working? Or turn your computer off and tell your friend to use the wired network port? Did you know there is a way that you can still work on your MacBook, but your friend also has a wireless network to use?

Indeed, when you use the wired network on your MacBook, your wireless network adapter is unused. By that, you can create a bridge from the wired network adapter to wireless network adapter, and use this adapter to broadcast a wireless signal – create a Wi-Fi hotspot that your friend can connect to and access the Internet.

How To Share The Internet On MacBook Laptop

In order to share the Internet through your wireless network adapter, click on “System Preferences” from the Mac’s Dock, and then choose “Sharing” option.

Sharing In Mac OS X

In the next step, click on “Internet sharing” option, not tick it. From the right panel, there are two options you need to configure.

  • Share your connection from
  • To computers using

You need to choose “Ethernet” as the value for “Share your connection from” option. Then select “Wi-Fi” as the value for “To computers using“.

Internet Sharing Mac OS X

After that, tick “Internet sharing” checkbox. If your Wi-Fi is not enabled yet, your MacBook will ask you to enable it.

Enable Internet Sharing In Mac OS X

Note: You can also set the Wi-Fi password by clicking on the “Wi-Fi Options”.

That’s all.

Your MacBook laptop is now broadcasting Wi-Fi signal, and your friend can connect to this wireless network to access the Internet.

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