How To Fix A Broken iPhone, iPad Charging Cable

If you are using a Titan Lightning charging cable, then there is nothing to discuss further because its lifespan is very long.

However, most of us are just using an original charging cable that comes with the box when you buy a new iPhone. The original charging cable is good, of course. But after a while, your cable may be broken in many different forms. It is exceptionally annoying, right?

If you keep using this broken charging cable, it often isn’t stable and sometimes, throw various errors, such as “Accessory is Not Certified”, or “iPhone not charging” error.

So if your iPhone charging cable is broken, what should you do? Try to fix it or buy a new one?

The thing is – a frayed, broken or ripped charging cable could be dangerous. That’s the reason why I would recommend to replace it with a new one, not try to fix the broken one if you don’t know what you are doing – just for saving a few bucks.

You can easily find and purchase a certified cable with an affordable price from These charging cables seem to be notably more durable than the official cable from Apple, and certainly better than low-quality replica charging cables.

Get certified iPhone, iPad Lightning charging cables on from $10.

Fix A Broken iPhone, iPad Charging Cable

Fix broken iPhone charging cable

While you are waiting for the new charging cable to arrive, maybe you will want to spend a few extra hours to fix your broken cable.

So before throwing your old iPhone charging cable into the trash bin, let’s do a temporary fix that could extend the lifespan of your cable a bit. Sometimes, it may last quite a bit longer.

Fix A Broken iPhone Lightning Charging Cable With Electrical Tape And Varnish Tube

If you have a Lightning charging cable that is broken, you can use electrical tape and varnish tube to fix it. The method is quite simple. You will need to use electrical tape to wrap it out and wrap it tight. Then combine with the varnish tube to hold it tighter.

It’s a very easy tutorial. You can find both electrical tape and the varnish tube at electric stores for less that $1.

Take a look at the video below to know how to use these things to wrap your broken cable.

Is there any way to avoid my iPhone charging cable from breaking in the future? Of course, if you just bought a new & normal charging cable, try these three methods to avoid it from breaking. But it’s unnecessary if you purchase a wrapped charging cable.

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